名古屋大学人文学研究科 Graduate School of Humanities / School of Humanities









【Graduate School of Humanities】

 The Graduate School of Humanities was established in April 2017. It is the result of a three-way merger of the Graduate Schools of Letters and Comparative Studies of Language and Culture, and the Department of International Communication of the Graduate School of International Development. The Graduate School of Humanities aims for cutting-edge research and education in human studies through the collaboration of researchers inside and outside the University.

 Humanities is an academic field that pursues human thought and sensitivity through studies of human history, an intelligent knowledge structure and the behavioral patterns cultivated during the course of human progress. Contemplation of human existence and the foundation of all creation, activities to find a future direction by pursuing the past, and attempts to understand human nature by analyzing linguistic expressions and stories, have nurtured researches in philosophy, history and literature, respectively. Humanities is a collective term of these academic fields.

 The Graduate School of Humanities encompasses the wide variety of academic fields, ranging from traditional disciplines such as philosophy, history and literature, to fields like anthropology and linguistics that relate to the human societies and actions. United under the purpose of exploring human thought and behavior, these fields make up this school. The endeavor to explore what it means to be human through the investigation of history and culture began in ancient times and continues to this day. In this era of the advanced information technology and the rapid globalization, the insights into human nature are all the more necessary than ever, in order to obtain an appropriate picture of 21st century society.

 Cultivating individuals who can meet the challenges of the future is the role of our school. Our school is a leader in human studies through the development of unique and energetic research and teaching activities. I hope students like you who are going into this flourishing world of human studies can take full advantage of the programs available at our school in your pursuit of career growth and advancement.

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