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  1. My friends have told me that it sounds interesting to study English education in JAPAN! However, my response would always be like "that is exactly the reason why there are great diversity and inclusion in this department‼︎". Diversity, full of students overseas. You can freely talk with teachers and senpai in English or Japanese (also please don't be shocked at presentations mixed with two or even three languages:). Inclusion, high acceptance of the possibilities. As a foreigner, I've heard that Japanese are old-fashioned, but in this department you don't have to worry about it! It is totally welcomed to conduct some innovative ideas. When you share something new at the presentations, teachers and students would be "angry"...at how incredibly excellent you are!!! Our mission is to be yourself, read more papers and create CRAZILY!!! Last but not least, thanks to my supervisor Sugiura sensei, all teachers and cute friends, I've spent two years full of joy and love♡!Welcome to English education department at the graduate school of humanities in Nagoya University!!! ()IMG_1347.jpg